Our Rules

At Euphoria, we take the safety of both our clients, their guests, and our equipment very seriously. Our rules for pieces attached to our rental catalog are as follows:

  • No shoes; wearing socks is a must
  • No sharp objects
  • No food and drinks are allowed in main auditorium
  • Parents are advised to supervise their children
  • Children and adults who are unwell should not enter any piece of equipment
  • No chewing gum
  • No small toys are allowed
  • Please remove all jewelry (loose chains) or loose clothing before entering equipment
  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times
  • Customers are responsible for their own vehicles parked in and around the car park – vehicles will be towed at owners expense
  • All equipment have age limits – please see equipment list and ages groups
  • No Rough play – children will be removed from equipment after 2nd warning
  • No tumbling or flipping in equipment
  • No glasses/shades or caps/hats
  • No smoking in main auditorium
  • No walking up on any slides